Circular Fashion: A Closed-Loop

Circular Fashion

How can we become more accountable and reduce our ecological footprint when it comes to fashion? The circular economy is an innovative and sustainable way to reduce waste in general. We already recycle plastic, paper, glass, and other finished products; however, we can do so much more.

"Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet."

- Pharell Williams

Fast fashion 

The last two decades have been mainly about fast fashion: seducing consumers with a wide variety of garments at a super low price. Sounds great at first, but then, when digging a little deeper into this topic, we discovered that these fast-moving fashion items come cheap for good reasons. Poor quality of materials, unethical working conditions, high environmental impact, and cheap labor make fashion accessible for even the smallest budgets.

As a response to this questionable way of doing business, established companies and new fashion brands wanted to offer conscious buyers a solution. Slow fashion intends to provide an alternative where natural fibers, high-quality materials, an ethical work environment, and local production are the heart of this business model.

Linear Fashion

From linear to circular economy

For years we have been an active part of an economic model where factories produced goods with the sole purpose of being used until broken or worn out. At the end of this life cycle, the item ends up on a pile of trash in a dumping ground. We refer to this cycle as linear economy. Even when giving your favorite clothes or accessories away to friends, family, or a charity of your choice, these goods will eventually end up on a trash mountain.

As it became unsustainable for our planet to process large quantities of trash, companies started to think in new ways. Studying new ways to process some of these materials into new fabrics, we welcome a more sustainable concept. Nowadays, brands worldwide are pioneering closed-loop regeneration concepts to deliver more sustainable products.

Circular Fashion

A sustainable and ethical solution

Circular fashion is both an awareness and approach to fashion in general, considering the processes and resources required to make garments sustainably. On one side, it involves investing in sustainable materials, better-quality goods that will last for longer and can ultimately be recycled. On the other side, working with smaller local companies that offer decent salaries and ethical working conditions to their staff is equally important.

Organic cotton, as well as other natural fibers, when handled correctly, can be an excellent source for a new production line of recycled fabrics. By returning your tees, you reduce the environmental impact on so many levels!

From the origins of the material to the sustainable and the ethical conditions in which the goods are being manufactured, at Parina Quta, we hold dear to all these aspects.  Slow fashion often comes at a higher price. By paying a bit more, you support eco-conscious businesses in their mission to make our planet a wonderful place to live.

Sometimes, one needs to evaluate: what is more important to me right now? 

  • Do I prefer to buy an item from mass production and questionable source?

  • Or am I willing to pay a bit more and knowing that I am part of a new consciousness movement in fashion?

You can be a significant component in the future of our planet... and it starts here and now!

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